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Climbing in the Dolomites

Who wouldn't want to climb where extreme mountaineer and filmmaker Reinhold Messner had his first rock climbing experiences? The Dolomites with their white limestone are considered the supreme sport climbing venue in the Dolomites, an attraction for climbers from all over the world. The impressive scenic surroundings in the Puez-Geisler Nature Park as well as routes of all grades make sport climbing in the Dolomites a special experience.

The Würzjoch climbing garden

A short hike of about 20 minutes leads to the Würzjoch climbing garden, directly at the foot of the Peitlerkofel. The large boulders in the alpine meadows of the Würzjoch have long been known as a climbing area and fit perfectly into the unique natural landscape. Climbing enthusiasts will find here about 50 routes graded from 4 to 8b . The rock, made of dolomite stone, has natural ledges, handles and holes and can be climbed by beginners and professionals alike.


The Zanser Alm climbing garden

The Zanser Alm climbing garden can be reached in 40 minutes via a hike along the Adolf Munkel path. It is located directly at the foot of the mighty Geisler peaks. Below the gravel field of the Furchetta north face, the practice area offers about 50 routes graded from 3 to 8a. With its child-friendly environment, the practice area is a popular destination for climbing courses. The rock here is mostly compact dolomite stone with ledges and holes.


Climbing courses for children

Young novices aged 8 and up have the best opportunities to learn rock climbing, endurance and dexterity with the climbing courses in the Villnöss Valley. Experienced mountain guides give children an insight into the art of climbing and about safety in the mountains.

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