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Hiking in the Dolomites

Immerse yourself in nature! So rarely do we have moments to ourselves in these hectic times. Moments in which we can concentrate on nature with all our senses. It's amazing how we suddenly manage to do so in the mountains. The crunch of you feet on the forest floor, the call of a bird, the scents of the coniferous forest and of the alpine herbs gently tickles our nose. There is so much to discover while hiking in the Dolomites!


On foot on a voyage of discovery through the green Villnöss Valley

Every single trail in the Villnöss Dolomite Valley offers deep insights into a beautiful and intact natural and cultural landscape. At any altitude, whether on a leisurely stroll through the valley floor, on a hike to the many farmed alpine pastures or high up on the challenging path to the summit, you will always be accompanied by a breathtaking view of the mountain panorama.


Guided hikes and mountain tours

If you want to learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites and about the surrounding nature, you are in particularly good hands on a guided hike. You will learn exciting background information about nature, the culture, the country and the people. Those who still have little hiking experience will learn to move safely and relaxed on mountain and hiking trails.



Our best tips for hiking


Trail numbers: 11, Sunnseitenweg, 30, 30A

Walking time: 3,5 hours

Difficulty: easy

From Teis you first hike along the road following path no. 11 to Miglanz Hof (1083 m) and further to St. Valentin. From here you walk on the Sunnseitenweg to St. Jakob (1292 m), then along the road on trail no. 30 in a westerly direction to the Moarhof and the Jochhöfe (1320 m). Trail no. 30 continues to the Jochkreuz (1370 m). From here the hike leads along trail no. 30A to Teis. In Teis there is a mineral museum worth seeing with a rich collection of Teis spheres, also called geodes or agate almonds.

Historical and enjoyable circular walk


Trail numbers: 11, 4, 9

Walking time: 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

On trail no. 11 you pass the Nafner Wetterkreuz hill and a protected venerable sweet chestnut tree to the little church of St. Bartholomew in Nafen (806 m). On the medieval burial path no. 4 you descend to the Totenstein and the "Eislöcher", then through orchards to Albeins. From the center of Albeins (580 m) the hike leads along the forest path no. 9 and ascending to the Kasseroler Hof (838 m) - a prehistoric settlement site. From here you hike further into the Schneggenbach ditch, along a short Waal path to a pond and back to Teis.



Trail numbers: 6, 35, 28, 34A, 34, 34B, 36

Walking time: 5 hours

Difficulty: easy

The Adolf Munkel trail below the imposing Geisler is one of the most impressive trails when hiking in the Dolomites. From the parking lot at Zanser Alm (1685 m), the trail first leads along no. 6 in the direction of Tschantschenon to the bridge that crosses the Tschantschenon stream. Before the bridge, the Adolf Munkel trail begins to climb on the right with no. 35, which leads in a gentle up and down past the Gschnagenhardt Alm to the Broglesalm (2045 m). From here, hike along trail no. 28 back to the Zanser Alm parking lot.


Zanser Alm - Schlüter Hut - Kreuzjoch


Trail numbers: 25, 32, 31A, 33, 3, 6

Walking time: 4 hours

Difficulty: medium

From the parking lot Zanser Alm (1685 m) the hiking trail no. 25 leads along the Kasseriller Bach stream. Then continue on trail no. 32 past the Kaserill Hut (1920 m) and follow trail no. 31A to the Gampen Alm (2062 m). From here you reach the Schlüter Hut (2297 m) along path no. 33, from here you follow the Dolomite Alta Via no. 3 in a southerly direction to the ridge of the Sobutsch (2421 m). The trail continues to the Kreuzjoch (2293 m). From there, trail no. 6 leads in a westerly direction to the Tschantschenon Alm (1928 m). From there it goes back to the parking lot Zanser Alm.



Other activities:

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