Sauna at the Teiserhof Hotel


Hotel with sauna and water world in Teis

Taking a sauna is beneficial for body and soul. Absorb the power of the Alps!

Finnish sauna

Come to our sauna world, do something good for your health and cleanse your body holistically in our hotel with sauna in Teis. Your entire immune system and your complexion will benefit from such an experience. Get your blood flowing strong again with a cold shower afterwards before you relax on our water beds in the fresh air room of our hotel with sauna.


Steam bath

The steam bath in our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol is easy on the circulation and yet has wonderfully healthy effects on your body. The muscles relax, the precious aromatic essences stimulate and clear the respiratory tract. At the same time, the steam bath is also a wonderful gentle preparation for the hotter Finnish sauna.


Herbal Thalasso Bath

South Tyrolean herbs, harvested from the alpine meadows of the Dolomites, have been known for their healing properties for generations. In the herbal bath you will experience optimal care for skin and hair. Breathe in deeply and strengthen your respiratory organs with these original essences. The high humidity and mild radiant heat will increase your physical and mental well-being while having a purifying effect. 

Foot massage pool

Treat yourself to a water massage of the foot's reflex zones at the Teiserhof hotel with sauna in South Tyrol. Alleviate or release tensions and blockages in the entire body. Enjoy soothing relaxation, from which your body will draw strength long after the vacation.

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