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Massages are more than just pleasant manipulations of your body – they help you achieve complete relaxation.

Partial Massage
Duration: 25 minutes
Stimulation of the skin, improved circulation
Stimulation of the circulation of blood, lymph, and the cardio-vascular system
Detoxification of the body and stimulation of the digestive system
Relieves tensions and strains
Fortifies the immune system

Whole Body Massage
Duration: 50 minutes
Like the name says: A massage for the whole body.
The whole body massage helps in particular in treating diseases of the locomotive system or the circulatory system. Your circulation is stimulated and the vascular system and inner organs are fortified.
The whole body massage is performed using special oils.

Lymph-Stimulating Massage
Duration: 25 or 50 minutes (as desired)
Lymph-stimulating, increases harmony, and also calming.

Foot-Stimulating Massage
Duration: 50 minutes
Frequently, we pay too little attention to our feet and legs. This in spite of the fact that our feet and legs perform a lot of work for us every day.
Only when we experience serious complaints of the feet or legs do we realize how important they are for us. This massage promotes the circulation of blood. Gentle strokes help reduce water-retention and stimulate the lymphatic system. And finally, the foot massage involves the whole body. That's because there are reflex zones on the soles of our feet which are connected to various organs throughout our body. Thus, a massage of this kind can have a beneficial therapeutic effect not limited to just the feet.

Facial Massage with Ampoules
Duration: 50 minutes
RADIANT BEAUTY - "Forever young" – Who wouldn't like to conserve his or her youth and beauty?
Discover a form of massage designed to help conserve the youthful and beautiful appearance of your face. A facial massage makes your complexion smooth and satiny, and you'll acquire a wonderful rosy glow.
You'll feel radiantly beautiful and won't be able to wait to show the world your new smile!

Lymph-Stimulating Facial Massage with Purification
Duration: 50 minutes
The face and neck, too, are also rich in lymphatic vessels.
A gently, very relaxing facial massage doesn't only stimulate the flow of lymph, but simultaneously helps the body rid itself of waste products which are eliminated via the kidneys.

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Face – Neck – Décolleté
Adapted to each individual type of skin.
Cleansing, steam peeling, final cleaning, regulation of the eyebrows, ampoule, packing, and massage.

"Exquisite" Face – Neck – Décolleté
A preparatory treatment for especially dry skin.

"Exquisite" Eyebrow Treatment
Intensive treatment for the area of the eyes, to acquire more-supple skin and regulation.

For Teens
Cleansing, peeling, final steam cleaning, ampoule, lymph-stimulating massage, and packing.

Facial Treatment for Men
Cleansing, peeling, final cleaning, packing, and massage.

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

MontHalit Cellulite Wrap
Using naturally pure mineral saline silt from Alpine salt mines.
MontHalit is a pure natural product. It contains numerous minerals, as well as silicic acid and dolomite. This naturally pure mineral is suitable for use in all forms of preventive health care. It's a first-rate product which can achieve remarkable results.
It has a hydrating effect, helps the body rid itself of waste products, and promotes the metabolism.

Whole leg
Whole leg and groin
Whole leg, groin, and arm pit

Half leg
Half leg and groin
Half leg, groin, and arm pit

Groin or arm pit
Groin and arm pit

Arm, chest, or back
Upper lip, chin

Hand and Foot Care

Hand and Foot Care

Manicure with massage of the hand
Manicure with nails painted
French Manicure

"Exquisite" manicure: Hand peeling, Manicure with nails painted, massage

Pedicure with foot massage
Pedicure with toenails painted

"Exquisite" pedicure: Foot peeling, foot bath, pedicure with toenails painted, foot packing, and massage



All treatments are performed not at the Hotel Teiserhof, but rather at the
Beauty Studio Sarah in Teis/Tiso, by our beautician, Sarah:

Nevertheless, you can reserve your treatments in advance through the hotel, by telephone, by e-mail, or in person during your hotel stay. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any further questions.

Please request the prices per email.


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