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Wanderhotel Teiserhof
Tiso 8 - I-39040 Funes
Valle Isarco - South Tyrol - Dolomites
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Sauna for Body and Spirit – You'll Feel the Power of the Alps

Finnish Sauna
The original purpose of the sauna was to purify the body: "Women are most beautiful after a sauna," says an old Finnish proverb. Taking a sauna also benefits the vegetative nervous system and general well-being. Further, it also helps strengthen the immune system. It thus helps toughen the body up against colds. Saunas can also help improve the complexion.Wasserbett

In our Open Air Room, you can finish your trip to the sauna with a pleasant cooling-off period. Afterwards, you can relax on our waterbeds!

Steam Bath
The steam bath is a variant of the sauna, with a lower temperature and a higher relative humidity. It is considered to be a gentler form of sauna, and helps relax muscles. Additional essential oil scents have a stimulating effect and are beneficial to the respiratory system. The steam bath can also be used as a preliminary to visiting the hotter, dry sauna.

Herbal-Thalasso Bath
The herbal bath is a treat for your skin and hair. Additionally, it is ideal for your respiratory system and to help you body rid itself of wastes. The higher level of relative humidity, mild radiant heat, and the application of scented oils and herbal essences help to enhance your well-being, physically and mentally.

Foot Massage Baths
The effect of the water jets on the foot reflex zones can help relieve tensions and blockages. Your whole body will feel better.


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