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Trekking in Val di Funes, nature parc Puez-Odle
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Trekking suggestions in Tiso (960 m) and Val di Funes

OdleHistorical and Pleasurable Round-Trip Hikes

From the center of Teis/Tiso (960 m above sea-level), this hike will take you along Trail No. 11.

Trail numbers: 11, 4, 9
Duration: 3 hours
Level of difficulty: easy

Proceeding along Trail No. 11, you will pass by the Weather Cross Hill of Nafen/Nave and an ancient chestnut tree (under protection) until you reach the little St. Bartholomew Church of Nafen/Nave (806 m above sea-level). Proceeding along the medieval Burial Trail No. 4, you will descend to the Totenstein ("Death's Stone") and the "Ice Holes," before passing through the fruit orchards and arriving at Albeins/Albes.
From the center of Albeins/Albes (580 m above sea-level), you should take Forest Trail No. 9 and ascend to the Kasseroler Hof (838 m above sea-level) – the location of an ancient settlement. From here, you can proceed to the Schneggenbach-Graben and via a short "Waalweg" (irrigation path) to a pond and then back to Teis/Tiso.


OdleThe famous footpath Adolf-Munkel-Weg

From Zans (1,680 metres) walk along the Tschantschenon stream to the big pit and to Tschantschenon (1,868 metres).

Starting point: Zannes at the end of Val di Funes/Villnöss (1670 mt.)
Walking time: 4 hours
Highest point: around Malga Casnago/Gschnagenhardtalm (about 2050 mt.)
Height difference: 380 mt
Best season: June - October
Map: Freytag & Berndt, sheet S 4 (Vipiteno – Passo Giove - Bressanone/Brixen); Kompass, sheet 56 (Bressanone/Brixen)
Difficulty: Easy walking.

Description: From Zans (1,680 metres) walk along the Tschantschenon stream to the big pit and to Tschantschenon (1,868 metres). Now walk in a westerly direction on the Adolf Munkel path to the Gschnagenhardtalm (1,996 metres). Descend via the Dussleralm back to Zans.
Theme: The Adolf Munkel path just below the imposing Geisler northern walls, belongs to one of the most impressive Dolomite hiking trails. You can experience a variety of vegetation: the Tschantschenon stream, the dwarf bush erica plants along the Adolf Munkel path, the Alpine meadows, the shady black forest. The large pit is an important source for water. You will be impressed as you learn about the importance of woodlands and water well for the entire “earth system”.


cows in val di funesZanser Alm - Schlüter Hut – Kreuzjoch / Passo Furcia

From the Zanser Alm parking lot (1,685 m above sea-level), take Trail No. 25 (which runs along the Kasseriller Brook).

Trail numbers: 25, 32, 31A, 33, 3, 6
Duration: 4 hours
Level of difficulty: medium

The continue along Trail No. 32. You will pass by the Kaserill Hut (1,920 m above sea-level). Follow Trail No. 31A until you reach the Gampen-Alm (2,062 m above sea-level). From here, you can take Trail No. 33 to the Schlüter Hut (2,297 m above sea-level) and then take High Trail No. 3 to the south to the Sobutsch/Sobuccio Ridge (2,421 m above sea-level).
The climbing trail continues to the Kreuzjoch / Passo Furcia (2,293 m above sea-level). From here, take Trail No. 6 to the west in order to reach the Tschantschenon Meadow (1,928 m above sea-level). Continue to the Zanser Alm parking lot.

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